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  • How to Prepare for the Removal of Historic Universal Analytics Data

    Following the deprecation of data within Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) on 1st July 2023, Google has announced that exactly one year on, on 1st July 2024, all Google Analytics users will lose access to their historic UA data. “Starting the week of July 1, 2024: You won’t be able to access any Universal Analytics properties or the API (not even with read-only […]

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  • What iOS 17 means for marketers

    iOS 17 brought an interesting change for marketers with the removal of certain tracking strings on URLs, including GCLID and anything personally identifiable. Discover what this means for you.

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  • Google tag Replaces GA4 Configuration Tag in Tag Manager

    If you’ve previously set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) inside Google Tag Manager, you would have probably used the GA4 configuration tag. However, thanks to some changes from Google, that is no longer the case. At the beginning of September, Google announced the release of a new tag called “Google tag” to replace the Google […]

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  • The End of Universal Analytics: When Will UA be Deprecated?

    With Google’s official announcement confirming when Universal Analytics will be replaced with GA4 for good, this blog will answer your burning questions.

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  • Microsoft Clarity – Our Initial Thoughts

    In October 2020, Microsoft launched a new, free analytics tool for webmasters to utilise on their website. Like other analytics platforms, the aim of this tool is to understand your users better and gain insight into how they are using your website.   Our take on this tool is that it complements other analytics tools such as Google […]

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  • How to Track Link Clicks in Google Analytics

    Want to track link clicks on your website in Google Analytics? No problem – we’ll show you how, with options including Tag Manager, plugins and hardcoding.

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  • Excel Shortcuts for Savvy Digital Marketers [CHEAT SHEET]

    Excel doesn’t have to be a minefield. Download our handy guide for the most used and most important Excel shortcuts that every digital marketer needs. Download Cheat Sheet Click here to get your FREE Excel Shortcut Guide Download for PC Download for Mac Most digital marketers have no idea how much Excel is going to […]

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  • How To Use IF Functions And Their Benefits

    If you read any AdWords blogs, you have probably heard about something called IF functions. They have pay per click experts everywhere spinning with excitement in their swivel chairs. The problem is that, unless you are one of those experts, IF functions look a bit like a foreign language. So what are these mysterious IF […]

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