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  • 7 Best Automotive Marketing Campaign Examples

    Whether you’re selling cars, insurance or even petrol, knowing how to stand out in a competitive marketplace and engage consumers isn’t an easy feat. Automotive marketers often have to think outside the box to show off their latest product or to get the brand awareness they need to perform. As an award-winning automotive SEO agency, […]

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  • The 7 Best Inclusive Marketing Campaign Examples

    Inclusive marketing campaigns embrace diversity by including people and groups from all backgrounds regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, and other socio-economic factors. Discover more today.

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  • Search Round Up November 2023

    November was a HUGE month for changes in the SERPs, with Google throwing in more spanners than a mechanic’s toolbox. Read on for more!

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  • MRS Digital’s Agency Round Up #1

    Here at MRS Digital, we’ve always got something going on! Aside from the occasional social media post, we don’t often get to share the good news with everyone, so that’s what we’re doing today. When you’re in the midst of it all, it’s often hard to see all the fantastic things going on, so it’s […]

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  • Search Updates – June ’23 Changes

    Perspectives, INP, and a bad move from Twitter? June was a hectic month in search. Read our round-up for an overview into what happened.

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  • Good Content Gone Bard – Should You Use AI to Write Content?

    Beep boop, AI here. AI has its place in the world – but is that to write content? We look at the pros and cons. Read the blog today.

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  • Search Updates – December ’22 Changes

    December is here with Christmas cheer for all to hear. As we wind down for the festive period, there’s no sign of search slowing down. December has seen two major algorithm updates, revamps of how search is written about, and adding another E to EAT?

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  • Scrolling or Searching? TikTok; Gen Z’s Search Engine

    TikTok. Until lockdown in 2020, the name TikTok was that of a Ke$ha song to many, rather than the next viral social media platform. Valued at nearly $50 billion in 2021, and reaching 740 million new users the same year, TikTok is quickly taking over as the firm favourite social media platform.   TikTok rose to […]

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  • What Does UK GDPR Mean For Email Marketing in 2022?

    Data is the new oil, according to the Economist. A long-time resource for digital companies, the role of data may be valuable for most, but are you complying with the strict UK GDPR rules that regulate how it’s collected, stored and used? If not, this should be an urgent priority for your business. Since we […]

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