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  • Social Media Updates May 2021

    A new month means a fresh round-up of social media updates. As TikTok continues to evolve its platform, are Facebook and Instagram struggling to keep up? Check out this month’s social updates below.   Facebook Updates  Facebook Tests Warning Prompts to Users Sharing News They’ve Not Read  Facebook this month is testing a warning option to come up when users try to share an article they have not read. As you can see below, […]

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  • What Happened on Social Media in April 2021?

    Facebook Facebook Adds Scheduling Feature for STORIES! This month, Facebook finally announced a new feature for it’s business suite users, much to the joy of paid social advertisers! You can now schedule stories for both Facebook & Instagram. The new option will allow users to create stories within the Facebook Business Suite app, then schedule them to […]

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  • Social Media Updates February 2021

    What Happened on Social Media in February 2021?   It’s been another eventful month for the world of social media, with LinkedIn announcing a range of new initiatives to support health organizations in maximizing their vaccine distribution efforts, Facebook banning news in Australia and Twitter launching a live test of voice recordings in DMs, have a read on to find out what the social channels have been up […]

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  • What Happened on Social Media in January 2021? 

    Our social round-up is back and better than ever in 2021 and a few of our favourite channels are making changes again to their platforms this month, including minor tweaks to major updates. From Twitter re-branding itself after five years of enjoying the same, steady design, to LinkedIn’s Story new Swipe-Up feature, and Facebook’s various rollouts, 2021 has been off to a busy start.   Read on to discover how the social channels have developed so far in 2021…   Facebook Updates January 2021    Facebook Begins Rolling Out ‘Facebook […]

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  • Social Media Round-Up November 2020

    What Happened on Social Media in November 2020?  As we approach another month closer to the end of the year, we look back on the journey so far. With a COVID-19 vaccine forecasted, the major tech platforms have agreed to partner on a new program, in conjunction with fact-checking organizations, in order to formulate a new, improved approach to combatting the spread of misinformation and conspiracies about the vaccine.   As […]

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  • Social Media Updates October 2020

    In the dramatic year that has been 2020, our digital platforms have evolved in ways that they have never had to before. As this year comes to an end, we begin to wonder what the top social media trends will be for 2021? With consumers more aware than ever about global issues, audiences are becoming increasingly socially conscious and valuing how brands tackle these […]

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  • Social Media Updates September 2020

    What happened on social media in September 2020?   Big changes have been made to some of our favourite social platforms this month, including Facebook expanding the rights to detect images that have been copyrighted across its channels, Instagram evolving its Reels function and LinkedIn’s new makeover. Read on for all the updates regarding the social channels this month.   Facebook Updates September 2020  In September, Facebook took the plunge to expand its Rights Manager tool, which will now automatically […]

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  • Social Media Updates July 2020

    What happened on social media in July 2020?  This month has been another busy one for the social platforms, particularly for Twitter. With its enormous security breach going down in history, the platform has been in the limelight heavily this month, and not for positive reasons. Read on for a closer look into social media updates for July 2020.  Facebook Updates July 2020  Facebook Rolls Out Face […]

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  • How Social Media Platforms Evolved During COVID-19

    During 2020, we analysed how the social media platforms evolved during COVID-19 and what they have been doing to adapt to pandemic circumstances.

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