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Know Your Competition Inside, Outside & Googleside

Competitor research should be a core part of any digital marketing strategy. Companies are often so focused on making their own site better that they develop tunnel vision. Instead of looking at what competitors are doing in the market, businesses sometimes work in isolation and end up missing opportunities or making the same mistakes their competitors did. We have years of experience compiling the best competitor research to help you understand and beat your rivals.

While most businesses know who they are competing with offline, online competition is a very different story. This is because the metrics used to measure and attribute online competition are very different to the ones you would use to identify offline competitors. For example, your offline competitors may not have an online presence or they may be ranking for completely different search terms.

We look at factors like which companies share the most keywords with you, or are ranking for the most keywords that you want to. We also analyse which competitors share the most links that would be relevant to you. Metrics such as these are key to identifying the brands that are the biggest threat to you online. Once we know who your competition is, that knowledge will be used to improve your online presence and take advantage of any hard work your competitors have already done.

How Does This Help Your Business?

Competitor analysis can teach you a great deal about your own market. There may be keywords or phrases you are missing that your competitors have taken advantage of. Your rivals may have built relationships that are worth you pursuing. Conversely, an effective competitor analysis will also highlight areas where your competition is less successful. For example, you may find that your competitors make little use of Twitter when there is an active audience ready to hear them. Either way, a proper competitor analysis gives you actionable insight on how to make your online marketing more effective.

What We Analyse

  • Keyword Crossover
  • Keyword Opportunity
  • Backlink Crossover
  • Link Acquisition Opportunity
  • Social Media Presence
  • Successful content
  • Effective relationships
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