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Where a lot of digital marketing is in a constant state of flux, whether that’s due to an updated Google algorithm or entry of a new device into the market, one thing remains for certain. A solid technical foundation is still the bedrock of any successful digital marketing campaign. A poor technical website structure will consistently undermine any additional marketing efforts you carry out so let us get your site in line.

Google holds technical adherence in such high regard because, nine times out of ten, bad technical SEO leads to a poor user experience. If you have broken links on-site they point your users to dead pages. If you have poorly optimised images they can lead to long load times. If a page doesn’t have a title tag it may also be hard for a user to understand what purpose it serves which is, you guessed it, poor user experience.

It’s important to never forget that Google is a business and their service is providing searches with the best quality, most relevant content possible. Good technical optimisation is one of the key ways they rate your website and decide whether they should serve it above a competitor’s.

What We Analyse

Analytics Configuration

Have you set up Google Analytics Tracking? This is where you will gain the majority of your audience insight.

Robots.txt file

If you have a Robots.txt file, do you know if the correct things are being ignored by search engines?

Meta Data

Is your meta data missing or too short in places? We’ll help you find out.

Internal Content

Do you have enough content on your site? And is it optimised and relevant enough for your audience? We’ll let you know

Custom 404 Page

Do you have a custom error page set up? Make sure you’re not leaving visitors completely in the dark.

Google Search Console Configuration

Have you set up Google Search Console? Make sure you can monitor the performance of your website.

Sitemaps – XML & HTML

Is the structure of your site outlined in a sitemap for search engines, users and crawlers?

Ecommerce Tracking (if applicable)

If applicable, we’ll identify how you can improve the tracking of your customers’ shopping journey.

Google Search Console Configuration

If applicable, we’ll identify how you can improve the tracking of your customers’ shopping journey.

Speed (Mobile & Desktop)

Is your website running fast enough on desktop and mobile? If not, users could be put off sooner than you think. We’ll run the correct tests to highlight what can be fixed.

Canonical URLs

Do you have both www and non-www versions of your site set up the correct way?

Linked Search Console & Analytics

If you have both, are they connected?

4XX errors

Are you aware if your website returns any 4XX errors? We’ll identify if your website has any dead internal links.

5XX server errors

Do you know what 5XX error codes are? If not, we’ll highlight them and tell you how to fix them.

Indexed Pages

How many of your website’s pages are indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo? We can give you exact numbers and tell you why some aren’t showing.

Local Search Listings

Is your business featured in Google, Bing and Yahoo local listings?

MRS Digital SEO Team

But My Site Works Fine

To the untrained eye your website may work perfectly well. However, all you have to do is scratch below the surface (and know where to look) to start to uncover issues that could be damaging your website’s performance. Problems with technical SEO will start to accrue the moment a website goes live and is actively managed.

For example, can you be sure that for every page removed from your website a proper redirect was put in place? How about images? Can you guarantee that every picture uploaded to your website has been properly optimised? These may seem like small things but they add up to a greater whole which can cause serious issues with your online marketing efforts. Until a proper analysis is carried out you can’t be sure what issues may be affecting your website.

How Do We Fix These Problems

Thankfully, more often than not, these issues are relatively easy to fix if you have the correct tools and knowhow. With our suite of industry leading tools and our in-house marketing, design and development teams we can implement fixes for pretty much every technical SEO issue imaginable. Once our analysis is complete we will put together recommendations on what needs to be fixed and in what order to make the biggest difference to your SEO exposure as possible. We can then get to work implementing these fixes.

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