SEO Audit

Discovering Strengths and Weaknesses

The journey to a successful SEO campaign requires many small steps along the way. If you have no insight into the current state of your website’s performance, how can you move forward to improve it? That’s where our SEO audit comes into play. Auditing your website allows us to build a solid foundation for optimisation progression, understanding the priorities and areas for improvement. Our SEO audits are never a one-size-fits-all process. We provide you with a comprehensive, technical and tailored report that is unique to your website and aims.

Having your website scrutinised can be intimidating, but it couldn’t be more necessary. It can be easy to go day to day without realising something as simple as amended URLs can give you that ranking boost your business needs. However, our audits aren’t just a negative fact finding mission. We’ll also highlight where you’re already doing well and give you advice on how to do even better.

Our technical SEO specialists work closely with you each step of the way – from understanding what you want to achieve with your campaign to delivering our expert recommendations. Our technical SEO specialists’ knowledge, together with their commitment to help you achieve your goals, means we deliver industry-leading bespoke SEO audits.

Our Audit Covers

Analytics Configuration

Have you set up Google Analytics Tracking? This is where you will gain the majority of your audience insight.

Ecommerce Tracking (if applicable)

If applicable, we’ll identify how you can improve the tracking of your customers’ shopping journey.

Robots.txt file

If you have a Robots.txt file, do you know if the correct things are being ignored by search engines?

Sitemaps – XML & HTML

Is the structure of your site outlined in a sitemap for search engines, users and crawlers?

Custom 404 Page

Do you have a custom error page set up? Make sure you’re not leaving visitors completely in the dark.

Meta Data

Is your meta data missing or too short in places? We’ll help you find out.

Internal Content

Do you have enough content on your site? And is it optimised and relevant enough for your audience? We’ll let you know

Google Search Console Configuration

Have you set up Google Search Console? Make sure you can monitor the performance of your website.

Speed (Mobile & Desktop)

Is your website running fast enough on desktop and mobile? If not, users could be put off sooner than you think. We’ll run the correct tests to highlight what can be fixed.

Canonical URLs

Do you have both www and non-www versions of your site set up the correct way?

Linked Search Console & Analytics

If you have both, are they connected?

4XX errors

Are you aware if your website returns any 4XX errors? We’ll identify if your website has any dead internal links.

5XX server errors

Do you know what 5XX error codes are? If not, we’ll highlight them and tell you how to fix them.

Indexed Pages

How many of your website’s pages are indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo? We can give you exact numbers and tell you why some aren’t showing.

Local Search Listings

Is your business featured in Google, Bing and Yahoo local listings?

How We Present Your Insights

Once we’ve identified your strengths and key areas for improvement we compile our bespoke set of deliverables and actions. We will advise you of what steps should be taken first and the reasons why they need to be carried out.

If they are urgent, we will highlight that they need to be resolved as soon as possible. Our recommendations will also include input from designers and developers to highlight any design areas that might be affecting your search visibility or on-site user experience.

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